Our BEE-spoke jackets are crafted in the UK from premium fabrics and technically advanced materials, genuine innovation is sewn into each bespoke design to make each jacket a uniquely practical statement piece. Our signature waxed mac is fully customisable and can be coloured differently on each of its panels. We also have a wide range of cottons/silks to choose from for the lining along with a range of poppers and buttons. They are handmade in London down the road from our studio in Tottenham.

If you give our head designer Ben and email on you can start the design process together.

Ben has worked on a huge range of bespoke designs, wedding suits, custom shirts, waxed macs and wool overcoats. The design and consultation is all free of charge, the only payment (50%) comes once fabrics and the design have been Ok’d. Prices start from only £250.